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Little G's Pre-School
About Us


Little G's Pre-school is a 65 place nursery offering places for children from birth to 5 years of age.  Very much a home from home setting which the owners see as an extension of their own home.  Their aim is for the team to extend a warm welcome and loving environment with quality childcare and early years education.  The setting is Ofsted Regulated and has a 'Good' rating as at July 2015 and again in August 2018...with further comments of the setting having 'outstanding features'.   

Our Tapestry Online Journal system is availlble to all parents so you can monitor the progress of your children daily.  Its a super system that all our parents love.  Tapestry is extremely interactive and intuitive and perfect for extending any learning between nursery and home....and in turn from home back to nursery.

Our new App was launched in 2018 as a 'one stop shop' for all things Little G's.  This is part of our ongoing pledge for continuous and ongoing improvement in our service provision to our families and their littlies.

Under 2's
In our Ladybird Room we cater for littlies upto two years of age.  We very much work with parents and of course the little ones themselves to ensure children are ready to take their next step to the Caterpillar Room where they take their next steps to perpare for school.  It is very much about when your littlie is ready.  The routine in the Ladybird Room is very much aobut the routine of your littlie...it is not about the convenience of the setting and the staff!  We are extremely flexible in the way that we operate in order to maintain the routine of your littlie and the routine of life at home.

Over 2's to 3's
Our over 2's children are based in the Caterpillar Room where we cater for children aged 2 to 3.  We have a 2 year co-ordinator that looks after the younger children to ensure their transition and development from the Ladybird Room is as easy as possible.  This room is more structured in its running but also provides the flexibility in line with each individual child. 

Over 3's - final year prior to 'Big School'
The Butterfly Room is very much focused on all the basic principles as outlined in the Ladybird Room and Caterpillar Rooms but with a focus on preparing the littlies for primary school.  Our aim is to provide the littlies with the best possible start in their early years education.  Sarah (owner and manager) has her Early Years Teacher Status qualification which will be utlilised in futher preparing the littlies for 'big school'.